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The entries on this page are under constant revision and include sites that provide impartial, topical information rather than wholly commercial details of products or services.

Societies with Ergonomics for Children Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

New Zealand Ergonomics Society: Ergonomics in Schools SIG

Ergonomics Society (UK): Ergonomics 4 Schools

HFES (USA): Education Technical Group

University Research

Cornell University Children and Computing Page, USA
This page contains research findings of computer use school studies, guidelines for computer workstation and posture, and guidelines for backpack use

Curtin University Children and Computers Page, Australia
Under Construction. Will have information on children and computers directed at children, teachers, parents and researchers

University of Surrey, Robens Centre for Health Ergonomics, UK
The occurance of back pain in school children. Description of 3 year study currently being conducted

University of Otago, School of Education, New Zealand
Information targeted at teachers

Anthropometric Data

Anthrokids, USA
Largest database we've been able to find on children anthropometrics

Childata (Department of Trade and Industry UK)
Do a search for 'Childata' from this page. The handbook of child measurements and capabilities - data for design safety. The book is free and can be ordered from the web site.

Application of Ergonomics in Schools

Computer Ergonomics for Elementary School Students - Oregon, USA
Directed at students and teachers. Shows low cost changes that can be made.

Ergonomics4Schools, U.K.
A website of the Ergonomics Society in the U.K. to help teach students about the scope of ergonomics and provide some specific guidelines.

Computer Workstation Guidelines

Computer Ergonomics for Elementary School Students - Oregon, USA
Directed at students and teachers. Shows low cost changes that can be made.

Computers and Vision

Vision Guidelines for Children and Computer Use
Good information and guidelines on reducing visual strain with computer use.

Backpacks/Carrying Cases

Cornell University, USA Backpack guidelines
backpack guidelines

Chiropractic site, USA
numberous links to various articles on backpacks. Unfortunately, some links point to pages that no longer exist.


New Jersey Assembly Bill A545: Establishes a study commission on ergonomics in education

California AB2532: Textbook weight (limits by 2004)
when linked, enter AV2532

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