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This page is dedicated to the creative powers of middle and high school students.

It is intended to showcase where these powers to have been focused on ergonomics. From hands-on applications such as figuring out how to get a chair to fit to designing usability into sophisticated technology, secondary students have the capabilities.

Think about how you can be instrumental in getting the world to fit you!

These papers are to be posted only with the express permission of the students and their parents. Comments and communication are possible through the ECEE Chair, Karen Jacobs. Also contact her if you have a paper or project of your own to submit.

Don't miss Ergonomics4Schools, a website of the UK Ergonomics Society expressly for secondary students with ideas for projects and ways to explore ergonomics:

An Ergonomics Case Study:
Accommodating Farmers on a John Deere Family Farm
Submitted by:
Zachary Simon

This case study was inspired by the love of farming and John Deere tractors. Zachary earned a trip to an ergonomics meeting his aunt was attending at the John Deere corporate offices. As he promised, he spent months interviewing farmers of all ages, then preparing the paper and presented his findings at the meeting to ergonomics professionals.


In the USA the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is also concerned about these issues. See:
Childhood Agricultural Injury Prevention Initiative

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