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Swiss Ergonomics Association (SwissErgo)

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Registered Office
Swiss Ergonomics Association
CH-3000 Bern

Sandrine Corbaz-Kurth

Sven Hoffmann

Andréanne Gagnon

Samuel Schluep

Frederique Thurnherr

Recent Activities

SwissErgo’s mission is to promote Ergonomics in Switzerland, both academically and professionally. The association is looking to assure a high level of education and competence among this profession. Actually, Switzerland is facing two main issues regarding the profession: the title of Ergonomist is not protected (even if there is an acknowledgment of the profession at a European level, from the CREE (Title of Eur. Erg); and a Master Education in Ergonomics no longer exists in the country.
For these reasons, the SwissErgo board decided to take several actions in 2017 in order to reinforce, protect, stimulate, and maybe enlarge the profession.

In September 2017, a survey was launched by SwissErgo to explore members’ needs, qualifications and professional activities. This survey asked several questions about strategies that should be implemented by the association to promote the profession not only among health specialists but also among other stakeholders (companies, public organizations, institutions, etc.). The survey results will serve to set priority actions in 2018.
SwissErgo is also reflecting about its member categories to better delimited the various competences of these professional, based on the European criteria of recognition. This appears as necessary for the profession to be recognized by the high Swiss authorities.
Finally, a new academic education system in Ergonomics, is developed by a network of high schools and universities and will be soon be implemented in Switzerland.
These accomplishments could open new paths for the profession and SwissErgo is confident about the future of Ergonomics in Switzerland!

--Sandrine Corbaz and Sven Hoffman)