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French Language Ergonomics Society

Société d'Ergonomie de Langue Française (SELF)

13, rue Planty
78200 Mantes La Joie
E-Mail : marie.giudicelli@ergonomie-self.org
Website : http://www.ergonomie-self.org/

Véronique Poete
Ergonome consultante – Alternatives ergonomiques

Secretary General
Gabin Gindro
Ergonome consultant – ERGOnova

Christian Blatter

Vice President, National Affairs
Eric Liehrmann
Ergonomist--Consultant at the INRS

Vice President - International Affairs, IEA Delegate
Valérie Pueyo


IEA Delegate
Sylvain LeDuc

Marie Giudecelli

Recent Activities

Our Society has initiated a deep reflection on research. On one hand we focus on the selection and evaluation of researchers. In France, ergonomics is recognized as a discipline and we have a PhD in Ergonomics, but the national committees that qualify young researchers when they wish to become academics are located in different fields/areas: psychology, physiology, mechanical engineering, etc. In this situation, young colleagues may encounter some difficulties because each field/area has specific criteria concerning publications, courses, activities. So, our purpose is to obtain a better recognition of our specificity. In this perspective we are actually discussing with ministers and committees, but also with reviews to enhance our productions.

On the other hand, the reflection concerns the articulation between research, qualifications, and practice. It is very important to maintain this dialogue. Work is deeply changing and at the same time, society and people are also in the midst of change. We can observe the need of others’ goals and others’ forms of projects: need to be part of sustainable development issues, multiplication of fab-labs and living-labs to make and to think differently (for example).... These mutations require the production of new knowledge and practices.

Not without connection with this reflection, our Society supports a great initiative: the network of young practitioners in reflection. This group organizes meetings and debates concerning practice, courses, real work, projects, among beginners, researchers, consultants, ergonomists employed in big companies, national or local administrations, etc. It is very interesting because they are witnesses to changes in work. But not only this, they also address questions to the community and make proposals for development. They demonstrate great dynamism and creativity in terms of methods and models.
Finally, I would like to mention a new commission about sustainable development. And, of course, you are welcome in Toulouse for our annual congress, “Present and Future of Ergonomics” in September.
--Valérie Pueyo, Societé de la Langue Francaise (SELF)