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Auditory Ergonomics


Dr. Ellen Haas
U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Bldg. 459
Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, 21078
United States of America
Tel: +001 410 278-5825
Fax: +001 410 278-8828
Email: ehaas@arl.army.mil

This TC currently has 70 members from countries including the USA, UK, Brazil, Japan, Korea, and the Republic of China.

Contact Dr. Ellen Haas for more information or to join this Technical Committee
Email: ehaas@arl.army.mil


The objective of the Auditory Ergonomics Technical Committee is to provide a forum for the international exchange of scientific and technical ergonomics information related to auditory issues, which include:
  • Auditory warnings and displays
  • Automatic speech recognition and voice input devices
  • Speech synthesis
  • Spatial auditory displays
  • Sonification
  • Noise
  • Hearing protection
  • Multimodal displays which contain auditory components
  • Any other area that involves audio input or output.
The Auditory Ergonomics Technical Committee will promote professional and public awareness of auditory ergonomics.

2007-2008 Auditory Ergonomics Report

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Action Plan

Activities Description Responsible Milestones
Presentation of research papers and panel discussion on common theme
At least 10 papers
At least 2 paper sessions within an Auditory Ergonomics Symposium at the IEA Congress 2009
Presentation of research papers and panel discussion on common theme
5 papers
1 or more paper sessions on Auditory Ergonomics at the 2008 Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting


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