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Welcome to the Auditory Ergonomics Home Page

The IEA Auditory Ergonomics (AE) Technical Committee (TC) was founded at the IEA 2003 Triennial Conference in Seoul, South Korea. Anyone interested in joining the AE TC is urged to contact Committee Chair Ellen Haas at ehaas@arl.army.mil


The purpose of the Auditory Ergonomics Technical Committee is to provide a forum for the international exchange of scientific and technical ergonomics information related to auditory issues, which include:
  • Auditory warnings and displays
  • Automatic speech recognition and voice input devices
  • Speech synthesis
  • Spatial auditory displays
  • Sonification
  • Noise
  • Hearing protection
  • Any other area that involves audio input or output.
The Auditory Ergonomics Technical Committee will promote professional and public awareness of auditory ergonomics.

A Technical Committee of the International Ergonomics Association

The objectives of the Committee are to foster a better understanding and appreciation for auditory ergonomics, and to promote the beneficial effects of this area by:
  • Serving as a network and advocating the interchange of information between researchers, practitioners, educators, those involved in standards and regulations, and others with an interest in auditory ergonomics;
  • Fostering professional initiatives for the International Ergonomics Association to promote auditory ergonomics throughout the world; including conferences, symposia, and publications;
  • Compiling, presenting, and making readily accessible, research related to auditory ergonomics throughout the world;
  • Identifying further research needs and encouraging international research collaboration;
  • Advancing ergonomics as a major consideration in the design phase of auditory systems and applications;
  • Promoting the development of ergonomic design guidelines or codes of practice for auditory systems;
  • Organizing Committee activities, events, and meetings to take place during IEA Triennial Congresses as well as during inter-Congress intervals;
  • Maintaining an IEA web page describing current and future Committee activities, events, and meetings.