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The information on the following projects is available on this website. More information can be retrieved from linked pages.

Professional Standards and Education Standing Committee Documents (2017)
The PS&E Committee has produced a number of documents related to the education and certification of professional ergonomists.

Overview of IEA Documents on Certification
Name of document Content Use this …
What are the knowledge requirements of a professional ergonomist?

(Note: These documents are under review 2017-2018)
1. Core Competencies in Ergonomics: Introduction
(Version 4, Oct. 2001)
This describes the purpose and content of the two documents below. .. as a reference for designing courses to train ergonomists.
2. Full version of Core Competencies in Ergonomics Units, elements and performance criteria A detailed description of the skills and knowledge that a certified ergonomist should have.
3. Summary of Core Competencies in Ergonomics Units and Element of Competency (Version 3, Oct 2001) A summary of the document above. … to inform people about what an ergonomist knows and can do
What does a certification system need? 4. Suggested Procedure for the Development of Certification System
(Version 1, December 2016)
A description of how to set up a certification system …to start planning a certification system in your country.
5. Flow-Chart for setting up a certification system
(Version 2, February 2017)
6. Recommendations for Certification of an Ergonomist
(Version 5, December 2016)
IEA recommendations for certification systems and main elements that are necessary.
How do I get a certification system endorsed by the IEA? 7. Criteria for IEA Endorsement of Certifying Bodies
(Version 5, December 2016)
IEA requirements for certification systems. How to apply for IEA recognition of a certification system. …if you want IEA endorsement of your system.
8. Flow-chart IEA Procedure for endorsement of a certification system
(Version 1, December 2016)
9. Application for IEA endorsement of a certification system
(Version 2, December 2016)
A template for an application to the IEA .. to apply to the IEA for endorsement.
What does the IEA do with endorsement applications? 10. Guidelines for Process of Endorsing a Certification Body
(Version 3, December 2016)
IEA process to evaluate certification systems for endorsement. …if you are asked by the IEA executive to assess a certification system.
11. Endorsement Review Checklist
(Version 2, December 2016)

Certification Bodies of Professional Ergonomists (2019)
The Professional Standards and Education Standing Committee has examined the possibility of mutual recognition amongst the IEA endorsed certification bodies. Some of these certification systems are locally accredited by separate organisations that prohibit direct mutual recognition. However, the IEA can guarantee that all ergonomists who have been certified by an IEA endorsed system meet the minimum requirements set by the IEA for certification.

Future of Human Factors and Ergonomics Taskforce (2015-)

IEA Future of Ergonomics Committee (2010-2012)
Under the auspice of the Development and Promotion Standing Committee, an ad hoc committee was assembled to examine our field and future directions.
The final report from this project can be downloaded on the Publications page.

IEA Good Practices Database (2011-2012)
The Professional Standards and Education Standing Committee took initiative in disseminating good ergonomic practices for educational purposes.

IEA Checkpoints 2nd Edition (2006-2010)
Following preceding efforts of developing Ergonomics Checkpoints, we launched a second edition as a further demonstration of partnership and commitment between the IEA and the International Labor Organization (ILO).

Ergonomic Checkpoints in Agriculture (2007-2-12)
In 2007, the IEA and the International Labor Organization (ILO) jointly hosted a workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to develop Ergonomic Checkpoints relating to Agriculture, which was followed by a series of efforts.

IEA/ICOH Collaboration in Publishing Ergonomic Guidelines
After many years of work from many dedicated individuals, the IEA and the International Commission on Occupational Health (ICOH) jointly published “Ergonomic Guidelines”.

4C Association and ECOM – Coffee bean harvesting project in Nicaragua (2009-2012)
One of the highlights for the IEA 2009-12 executive was a Lighthouse Project, which demonstrated the value of ergonomics, especially in Industrially Developing Countries (IDCs).