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Ergonomics Quality in Design (EQUID)

The Ergonomics Quality in Design (EQUID) document began initially under Lena Bonapace’s leadership and subsequently under Ralph Bruder from Germany. In May 2007, this document was circulated to Federated Societies as a resource for designers, design managers and manufacturers to reflect the ergonomics requirements in product design.

Major global companies participated in benchmarking the EQUID document. This provided feedback on the EQUID processes and criteria used to assess the user requirements. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) was consulted to investigate opportunities for the ISO to disseminate the EQUID process as Guidance document or to integrate it into their Standards documents. In total, there were 12 versions of the EQUID design document.

At the IEA Council meeting in Beijing, we approved the document in principle and were charged with creating a more targeted and more usable final product. Ralph Bruder undertook this effort under the Development and Promotion Standing Committee. He took information from international experts in human factors/ergonomics on integrating ergonomics into product life cycles. The EQUID model was presented at various conferences and seminars including the Gesellschaft fur Arbeitswissenschaft (GfA) 2011, the Organizational Design and Management (ODAM) 2011 and the French Language Ergonomics Society (SELF) 2011. The result is an EQUID publication, which includes guidelines for using and supporting ergonomics in product design and development to different fields of application. The product is expected to be formally published in 2013.

The concepts as well as some of the essential requirements are expected be incorporated into Ergonomics Process Standards that WG5/SC1/TC159/ISO is planning to start drafting in 2013.